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 Japanese Private Lessons & Group Lessons
 At Cafe/your Home or Office

 Japanese Teacher: \16,500~ 4 lessons monthly
Bilingual Teacher:
 \19,800~ 4 lessons monthly

 Pre-school Kids, Elementary-College Students,
 Prep-Students, General Adults, Office Workers

 Dispatching Areas: CJT Japanese teachers are available all over Japan



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 CJT Japanese Tutoring Features  

   We offer you reasonable tuition fees (tax included).

  Only ¥16,500〜 Monthly Tuition 4 Private Lessons 
※Tuition fees for 2 persons more reasonable Tuition Details

   [Enrollment Fee]  \16,500(Half for the 2nd and 3rd persons

   [Monthly Fees] for ONE person 4 Private Lessons       

Japanese teacher:instructions with Japanese language only
・At Cafe  → ¥16,500 Monthly
・At your Home or Office  → ¥16,500 Monthly


Bilingual Teacher:with Japanese + English, Chinese, or Korean languages
・At Cafe  → ¥19,800 Monthly
・At your Home or Office  → ¥22,000 Monthly


      ★You cannot loose your money by make-up lessons. 

      You can cancel the lesson if you are busy.
       ※Call us by 8 p.m. one day before your lesson.
        Then your teacher will give you a make-up lesson.


   Take lessons at your favorite place, time, and day.

  Even though you do not go to a Japanese school, you can take our
  effective one-on-one Japanese private lessons at your home, office,
  or a nearby cafe.
    ※No cafe lesson is conducted for children under 15.

  ・You can take our lessons any time between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m.
    ・Our lessons are available on any day even weekends and holidays.

   Choose your favorite teacher, Japanese or Bilingual.

  Depending on your current Japanese level and purpose of studying
  Japanese you can select a Japanese teacher or a bilingual teacher.
  ※By bilingual teachers we mean teachers who can teach Japanese
      not only with Japanese language but also with English, Chinese, or
      Korean language.
      Bilingual Teachers are Japanese or Foreign Nationals.
      As means of teaching languages in addition to Japanese; English,
      Chinese, and Korean are available.

   We teach you with our effective method and textbooks.  

  You cannot improve your Japanese effectively with just like free-talk
      type of lessons without using any textbook.
      CJT will provide you with ideal teaching method and textbooks
      best for you in terms of effective Japanese language teaching.

  ☆Recommended textbooks depend on each course. → Reference

  We train and advise our teachers the best teaching approach and
      textbook in accordance with each student's Japanese study background.

   Private lessons are much more efficient than class lessons.

  Class lessons consisted of 15-20 students and group lessons of 3-8
      students are not good enough to satisfy each student's real needs.
      CJT is convinced that one-on-one private-lesson style is the only
      and the best way to effectively enhance Japanese skills of each

   You can take lessons with your family, friend, and colleague.

  If you wish, your family, friend, or colleague can be accompanied
      to take CJT lessons. However the number of students in our group
      lessons strictly limited under 3 persons in consideration of teaching
      efficiency. You can choose either one-on-one private lessons,
      one-on-two semi-private lessons, or group lessons even though
      you want to take CJT lessons with your acquaintances.

   All age brackets from pre-school kids to company executives are welcome.

   Age brackets of our students are broad; we accepts students from
     3-year-old preschoolers up to senior citizens. 

     CJT is designed for our students as follows.
     3-5-year old preschoolers, elementary school pupils, middle school
     pupils; senior-high, college, prep-school, technical school, Japanese
     school students, office workers, working holiday makers, housewives,
     self-employed, general adults, senior citizens, and etc.

   Professional staff support your learning as your teaching mentors.

   CJT is not a company or an agency who merely introduces Japanese
      teachers to you but we, CJT staff, support your learning as your
      teaching mentors. Specifically we assign best teachers to you,
      provide effective ways of teaching, select proper textbooks,
      and help you solve any obstacles for your learning Japanese by
      our professional counseling.

    Available areas: You can take your lessons across Japan.

  CJT Japanese teachers are available all over Japan.
      You can take our Japanese lessons wherever you live in Japan.


CJT Skype Lessons
 Globally Available !

Online Japanese Course
ACE Gaigo, Inc.


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 Japanese Tutoring Courses 
 Kinder Course for preschoolers from 3-year-old kids


It is the most important thing for preschoolers to train their ears with which they can catch Japanese sounds precisely. If they obtain good ears for Japanese sounds, they can acquire Japanese skills much easier by listening to authentic Japanese sounds in their daily life. As a result their Japanese pronunciation gets better and better by imitating Japanese nationals' authentic sounds in daily conversation. Further more they can learn Japanese letters easily. CJT introduces abundant listening practices by listening to and singing Japanese nursery rhymes with CDs and teacher's own voice. CJT also inputs basic vocabulary and expressions through eye sight with colorful flash cards and picture books.  


 Elementary-Kids Course for elementary school pupils



This course is for any elementary school pupil. Even those who learn Japanese for the first time can start learning Japanese from the very beginning. All the teachers are quite experienced in teaching Japanese to foreign children. Textbooks are colorful with full of photos and illustrations which help children guess the meanings of Japanese expressions easily. Our students can learn not only listening and speaking but also reading and writing by using workbooks. The teachers conduct lessons with lots of fun activities such as singing Japanese songs along CDs, playing language games in Japanese, and enjoying small talks with students. One of the goals of this course is acquiring communicative skills with which the students can talk about various daily topics with native Japanese speakers in Japanese without any difficulties. Busy mothers would save their time and energy to welcome CJT tutors to their homes in stead of taking their children to a Japanese school.


 Junior-High Course for middle school students



Some foreign students feel difficulty to take regular classes at middle schools in Japan. CJT Japanese tutors assist them to follow their studies at their schools. Depending on each student's Japanese level CJT can provide him/her with proper textbooks and effective Japanese instructions. Without translating from Japanese into their native languages CJT teachers promote the students to understand what their hear and read directly in Japanese. By doing so the students will be able to express themselves in Japanese speaking and writing much more smoothly. Any junior high school students from foreign countries can take this course for improving their Japanese 4 skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. They can also prepare for their entrance examinations of senior high schools or Japanese proficiency texts.


 General Japanese Course for Students and Adults



This course is for any foreigner who wants to improve Japanese skills for their daily life in Japan. Our students are consisted of foreign students, office workers, house wives, general adults from overseas. CJT can enhance students' communicative skills in Japanese daily conversation. If you have any specific purpose of studying Japanese such as entering technical schools or universities in Japan and being employed by a Japanese company, CJT will customize your textbooks and lesson contents. Please consult with our CJT staff about what Japanese skills you want to acquire. They will surely show you effective ways to accomplish your goals of studying Japanese.

 Business Japanese Course for Students and Adults



Improve your business skills in Japanese by taking this course. You can find it easier to communicate in Japanese in various business situations. Depending on your needs CJT staff will customize your textbooks and lesson contents as you wish. For some instances you can study office communications, business sales, business calls, e-mail reading and writing, attending meetings, business negotiations, and so on. If you want to be hired by a Japanese prestigious company, CJT teachers will give you effective pieces of advise to succeed in job hunting in Japan. 
You can learn any Japanese skill you want to acquire for your business or work activities in Japan in this course.


 Test Preparation Course for JLPT and BJT, etc.



Do you want to pass
JLPT: Japanese Language proficiency Test or BJT: Business Japanese Proficiency Test sooner? Then take this course. CJT teachers will instruct you effective techniques how to prepare for the Japanese proficiency test you want to pass. Since our lessons are all one-on-one private lessons, you will be able to improve Japanese skills smoothly which are required to pass your target text. CJT can provide you with the best textbook, lesson content, teacher, and teaching method so as for you to succeed in test preparations. As you know well passing a higher grade of a Japanese proficiency text is your best proof of your Japanese proficiency level.


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 Introduction of Teachers 



  ●CJT teachers are all certified and experienced.
   All the CJT teachers have passed Japanese-language teaching
         competency test or have more than one-year teaching experiences.

  ●CJT instructors have high Japanese teaching skills.
   Teaching orientation meeting and training are conducted to
         all the CJT instructors who have newly employed.


  All the Japanese teachers of CJT are certified as official teachers
     who have passed Japanese-language teaching competency test.
     They have abundant experiences of teaching Japanese to foreign

  CJT Japanese teacher's sample profile


  CJT bilingual Japanese teachers are two kinds as follows.

    1)Japanese nationals who are good commands of a foreign language.
    2)Foreign nationals who are good commands of Japanese.
   Both of them are certified or have high Japanese-language teaching skills.

  *CJT bilingual Japanese teachers are fluent speakers of English, Chinese,
   or Korean language.

  CJT bilingual teacher's sample profile


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 Steps for Enrollment Procedure 
 STEP 1: Inquiry and Brochure          Request

 Please inqure about CJT Japanese tutoring system by our request form
   or calling our head office in Tokyo.
   You can request our brochure sent to your home as well.

CJT Japanese tutoring HQ (ACE Gaigo, Inc.)
   Wako Head Office:048-461-5807  (Wako, Saitama)

  ★CJT Japanese Instructors dispatching to companies and schools
CJT Japanese corporate service 

     Request Form  Request

 STEP 2: Apply for Trial Lesson   Apply

 Anyone who wants to improve Japanese-language skills through
   our programs can take our trial lesson.
   You can apply for our mock lesson by sending the application
   form to us.

   Before your application you need to decide types of teachers,
   lesson date, time, and place as well as your wishing lesson content.
   CJT will assign your favorite type of teacher who can conduct
   your lessons at the date, time, and place as you wish.

   Our 30-minute-trial lesson is subject to fees as follows.
   1) Japanese teacher: 1,000 yen
   2) Bilingual teacher of Japanese language: 1,500 yen

   Application Form  Apply

 STEP 3: Trial Lesson and Enrollment Guidance    

CJT Japanese staff will be accompanied with your teacher to meet
you at the appointed date and time at the lesson place you wish at
your home, at a coffee shop, or at your office.
The staff will introduce your teacher to you and he/she will conduct
a 30-minute trail lesson for you.

You can examin the teacher's character and teaching competence
by actually meeting and taking his/her trial lesson.

For your futher consideration CJT staff will explain about
our lesson contents and textbooks to you by custamizing
them beforehand according to your Japanese level and
purpose of your studying Japanese.
The staff will let you know our lesson system and tuition
fees in details as well.

 STEP 4:Enrollment Procedure  
If you have a chemistry with the teacher and get to like his/her
   way of teaching and our lesson contents, materials, and our system;
   you can enroll our regular lessons.

   Needless to write this but if not, you don't need to apply for
   our program. You could try another teacher's trial lesson if you feel
   it's worth taking again.

   You can spend a week before you decide to enroll our regular
   program after the trial lesson in case that you cannot decide
 STEP 5: Requisition and Payment               
 After your enrollment for our regular program CJT will send you our
   invoice for the entrance fee, monthly tuition fees, and textbooks you've
   decided to buy.
   You can pay us through transferring money to our account
   from your own bank account at an ATM machine at your bank
   or even at a convenience store.
 STEP 6: Commencement of Regular Lessons  
 You can start taking our regular lessons after your payment
   done and the textbooks reached at your home.


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 Tuition Fees and Payment Procedure   
   ※tax included

  [Enrollment Fee]  \16,500(Half for the 2nd and 3rd persons

  [Monthly Fees] for ONE person 4 one-hour Private Lessons
    *One lesson lasts for 50 minutes for only preschoolers.

 ☆Cafe Lessons: 4-Lesson Monthly Fees for one person


Lessons Bilingual Teacher

Japanese Teacher

1 1 on 1 \19,800   \16,500
1 on 2 \11,550 per 1 \10,100 per 1
Two 1 on 1
1 on 3 \10,500 per 1   \8,400 per 1
Three 1 on 1 \11,550 per 1 \10,100 per 1


 ☆Home or Office Lessons: 4-Lesson Monthly Fees for one person
Students Lessons Bilingual Teacher Japanese Teacher
1 1 on 1 \22,000   \16,500
1 on 2 \12,600 per 1 \10,100 per 1
Two 1 on 1
1 on 3 \10,500 per 1   \8,400 per 1
Three 1 on 1 \12,600 per 1 \10,100 per 1

 [Textbooks] 3,000 yen per 6 month on average
  ※normally a textbook with audio CD
        according to your Japanese level and purpose of studying

 [Teacher's Transportation Fares] You pay him/her directly
   ●at Teacher's home or a cafe close to his/her home  → 
   ●at your home, office, a cafe you wish → 
train fares for him/her
           ※CJT will try to find a teacher near from you as possible.

 [Extra Cost] Only at a student's home or office
You need to pay any of allowance to your teacher if 3) or 4) below.
  1)walking within 10 minutes to your home from a station →
  2)picking him/her up at a station to your home →
  3)walking for 11-14 minutes to your home from a station →
  4)taking a bus from a station to your home/office →
※If walking over 15 minutes, the teacher needs to take a bus.

 [How to pay] 

  ●You pay us through transferring tuition fees to our account
       from your own bank account at an ATM machine at your bank
       even at a convenience store or online.
    *Online banking accounts are very useful.

 ●You pay the transportation fares directly to your teacher in cash.






 Learning Support 

  CJT HQ will be between you and your teacher to give you various
    learning supports as follows. No extra payment is needed.

  1. New teacher's assignment
    If your teacher has to stop teaching you, CJT will assign a new
    teacher for you free of charge.
    * Exception: Your teacher has to stop due to your own causes
       like you want to change your teacher from a Japanese to a
       bilingual teacher. 
  2. New textbooks or materials
    CJT will help you get a proper new textbook or a material after
    finishing the initial textbook or material.
  3. Solving any problem with your teacher
    CJT will be between you and your teacher to solve any problem.
    If you cannot tell a problem to your teacher directly, you can ask
    CJT to inform your teacher of your wish indirectly.
  4. Study counseling
    You can consult with us about any problem or worry in learning
    Japanese by sending us your email or calling us.
    CJT give you a study counseling with email or telephone if needed.
 Enrollment and Withdrawal    
・You can enroll our program by submitting your application form
      directly to CJT staff or office by email or fax.

 ・You can withdraw from our program from the month you wish.
      If you email or call us at CJT head office before the 20th, you can
      stop taking our lessons from the following month.




月間派遣料 20,800円〜


CJT conducts various language events!



月会費 5,500円
Ace Online English









月会費 5,500円
Ace Online Japanese



English Summer Course for elementary & middle school kids 






主要都市 会社・店舗
派遣料 月10,500円 〜








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